Staithes to Runswick Bay – March 2024

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a walk! I’ll try hard to catch up where I’ve been (or not been) over the next few whiles… unfortunately knee problems have limited some of my trips to more local and shorter hobbles.

So this is Staithes, which I visited in November 2022 but the weather was windy and I’m a chicken when it comes to gales and cliff walks so I didn’t get far. I also made a brief trip in the car to Runswick Bay on the same day and the pictures are here.

I’d been itching since then to get back there and this is a walk between the two seaside towns. The weather started off rather grey and forbidding but soon changed to sun, blue skies and beautiful cloud formations and made for a delightful walk.

Just a warning: don’t try this walk in trainers as it’s quite muddy and slippy. I came across two walkers, one with walking boots, the other wearing trainers. You can probably guess which one didn’t enjoy the walk at all?

I parked in Bank Top Car Park in Staithes: it’s worth it to pay for 12 hours parking as that gives time to get to your destination, avoid mishaps and find places you didn’t know existed and enjoy them without worrying about time.

Up the hill to the cliffs…

An example of how muddy it can be!

Once up on the cliffs you get a lovely view of Staithes and its harbour:

And then it’s off down south along the coast. The weather was cold and gusty and bleak but in my eye still beautiful:

Fortunately a bit of blue sky appeared and the day started to brighten up:

And it continued to improve becoming very pleasant:

A view of Port Mulgrave. As you might guess, there used to be a port here, where iron ore was exported around the world. There’s not much left of the port but it would be worth exploring the area more?

Whoever put the bench here deserves a medal. And I did sit a while and enjoy the view:

Some more steps to test the knees but the view distracts…

Along the coast. It was one of those ‘bog skies’ days that I love so much and the clouds did not disappoint!

Then down the very steep hill to Runswick Bay. This is not good on knees but it’s worth it. Eventually.

Runswick Bay really is a beautiful spot.

The beach stroll was followed by strawberry and chocolate ice cream from the cafe and very nice it was too.

Then it was back up that hill! Fortunately there are a few benches to rest on. I’ll adnit to gasping a bit and hanging on to the rail for dear life. Looking back, the view still makes the incline worthwhile.

There is a car park down near the beach if such hills present too much of a challenge…

I caught the X4 bus opposite Runswick Bay Hotel back to Staithes. At the moment, fares are only £2 so cheap and quick!

A great walk and a mix of changeable weather that reveals the beauty of the area. Start off early to avoid the crowds, especially when the weather is fine early on.

A Little Bit of Runswick Bay, North Yorkshire Coast – November 2022

These are a few pictures of Runswick Bay on the North Yorkshire Coast taken in November 2022. It’s about 2.5 miles by car from Staithes and a 3 mile walk on the Cleveland Way.

You can get a bus back to Staithes or down the coast south to Scarborough and beyond. Check the timetables – be aware they might change!

It’s a very beautiful spot but I imagine it would be very busy in the summer. It being November and a windy day, there were hardly any people about – which is nice!

And lastly, a video of the bay…

A Little Bit of Staithes, North Yorkshire Coast – November 2022

This was a feeble attempt to carry on walking part of the Cleveland Way, which runs down the North Yorkshire Coast from Filey in the south to Saltburn-by-the Sea and then inland to the North York Moors National Park.

Have a look here for more information.

I’d already walked Saltburn-by-the Sea to Skinningrove and then Skinningrove to Staithes, so I wanted to walk the next stage, from Staithes to Sandsend, just north of Whitby. I’d already walked north from Robin Hoods Bay to Whitby previously.

Unfortunately I’d caught Covid about four weeks before but with everything booked and I still went to ‘try’. The spirit was willing but the flesh was weak, so I ended up pootling around Staithes, tea and cake and then up the hill to think about walking some of the Cleveland Way south.

You’ll see from the last video at the end of this post how windy it was and how unwise it would have been to try, so close to the cliff edge.

So, here’s a little bit of Staithes instead…

And up and up that hill…

Once up on the cliff, I ended up hanging on to fence posts as the gusts were so intense and then chickened out. It’s a fabulous view and a proper walk for another day.

So it was back to the car and across Staithes by back alleys…

And the only clue that trains once used to run to Staithes: the remains of a railway bridge…

Here’s the videos including the wild winds!