Saltburn to Skinningrove, North Yorkshire – June 2022

This was a short break away for a few days and the walk started near The Ship pub in Saltburn-by-the-Sea. Park in the Saltburn Miniature Railway car park – you’ll have to pay!

Climbing up and then along the cliffs… it’s great to see wildflowers in bloom.

It was a day for dramatic clouds and blue skies with seagulls wheeling above:

There’s a fascinating tribute to the industries, interests and trades of the area – mining, fishing and pigeon racing being some of them.

You’ll also see the train line which once linked Saltburn to Skinningrove, but now re-purposed to serve the nearby British Steel plant:

Then the descent to Skinningrove Bay…

3 thoughts on “Saltburn to Skinningrove, North Yorkshire – June 2022”

  1. Another gorgeous walk, Aidan. The coast looks so unspoilt and those beaches are magnificent. How wonderful they haven’t been commercialized.

  2. Funnily enough it was a heavily industrialised landscape in rhe past but nature has robustly taken over since the end of mining and steelmaking, Val.
    Regardless, it’s a top walk and I encourage everyone to try. Just get there early!

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