A Brief Walk Around Creswell Crags – Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire Border – October 2023

This was a very short walk at around three miles. I haven’t had time to do much this year, what with one thing and another.

Creswell Crags is a site of special scientific interest. People (in one shape or another) have been visiting for 50,000 years, starting with Neanderthals in the last Ice Age. You can find a lot more about the area here, particularly about the cave art created by its residents.

You can get to Creswell Crags by train to Creswell (Robin Hood Line) and a twenty minute walk or by car: it’s very well sign-posted from Junction 30 of the M1.

It’s also a lovely place to go and wander around and I was lucky that it was an unseasonably warm and sunny day. I haven’t done the place any justice and I’ll have to go back some time to take some proper photos.

Then a view detour to admire the skies near the Crags…

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