Spurn Head, East Riding – August 2021

A fabulous walk yesterday on Spurn Point which is a longshore spit. The Humber estuary is to it’s west and the North Sea to the east. It’s windy, with fierce tides, beautiful wide open skies and it’s a bit ‘rough’, not at all suited to those who like the gentle sands of leisure beaches. There was hardly anyone there (a bonus!) with around twelve people, including me, at 11am.

I was fascinated by the flotsam and jetsam on the beach, notably several brick walls, rounded by the sea and cast up on the beach. The whole area is very dynamic and constantly changing, as it has done for centuries.


There’s a nature reserve, a lighthouse and views around the promontory. The road was washed away in a storm in 2013 so you’ll have to walk on the beach instead. The sea is not meant for swimming or paddling in (I did try) because of strong currents and the very soft sand. It’s relatively easy to lose your footing. I lost my hiking stick which is now floating somewhere in the North Sea…

Check the high tides as Spurn Head can be cut off at it’s narrowest point, a mere 50 metres wide. Do also look at the signs at the car park about safety if there is a high tide.

Go to the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust website for more information about the area and better photos…

I recommend the fry up in the cafe at the Spurn National Nature Reserve.

Click on the picture to see it more clearly.

These pictures and videos are @Aidan Parr 2021, so please ask permission if you want to use them. I’ll probably say ‘yes’!

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