Ravenscar to Robin Hood’s Bay and Back Again – November 2021

This was a walk in north Yorkshire from the hamlet of Ravenscar along the cinder track of the former Scarborough to Whitby railway line to Bay itself and then back via a section of the Cleveland Way.

The day started misty and dark but ended up as a glorious day with sun and blue sky – very unusual for November.

The cinder track mostly stays in shade this time of year so it’s a good deal cooler and damper than on the seafront cliff edge which catches the low winter sun. However, it’s a relatively easy walk, about 5.5 miles gently sloping down to Robin Hood’s Bay and into Bay itself.

Be warned that if you’re thinking of eating in Bay, many places are closed for the season or opening times are later. Both fish and chip shops don’t open until 4.30pm, so no treat for me!

I walked back by the Cleveland Way to Ravenscar. I found it very challenge as the trail descends down to where local streams (known locally as ‘becks’) run into the sea. The trail is well looked after and has steps but it is hard work getting up and down these inclines. It’s probably not for the faint-hearted or if you have dodgy knees or a bad back!

On a positive note, the views are spectacular. Spot the pillbox falling into the sea and the myserious standing stones, if you can!

The sunset was what you might call ‘unusual’.

I was out walking for over eight hours and returned to my car completely shattered but very happy. If I’d known, I’d had probably walked the Cleveland Way section first and then come back via the cinder track.

C’est la vie!

These pictures and videos are @Aidan Parr 2021, so please ask permission if you want to use them. I’ll probably say ‘yes’!

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