Filey Bay – July 2021

I had an enjoyable walk along Filey Bay at the end of July 2021. The town itself isn’t too exciting for me. It’s a perfectly acceptable Victorian seaside resort and gets very popular from late morning onwards. My interest was Filey Bay itself.

I’d originally intended to park on the north side of Filey and walk along the promenade and then on the beach heading south. Unfortunately none of the parking meters were working (neither cash nor card), so after fifteen exasperating minutes I had to move. I eventually ended up parking south of Filey at West Avenue Car Park. Be warned that credit and debit cards didn’t work there either!

Happily it was only a short walk to the beach. Beware of high tides as you head south. It’s perfectly ok to walk about three miles to Hunmanby Gap but then the high tides don’t allow much beach walking. Check high tides here.

There is a car park at Hunmanby Gap but it’s unclear what times it opens if you want an early start. There’s nowhere else to park and you’ll see lots of signs from locals about not blocking driveways. There’s a cafe too.

It was a wild and windy day with some rain but nothing to spoil the morning. The pictures make it all look very grey and forbidding but there were sunny spells ever so often!

Like much of this part of the Yorkshire coast, there’s a lot of coastal erosion and you can see the remains of pillboxes from the Second World War which have fallen from the cliff tops onto the beach. Some still intact!

It gets busy around 11am. A tiny number of visitors are loud and undesirable but the majority of people are perfectly ok.

Click on the pictures to see the area more clearly.

These pictures and videos are @Aidan Parr 2021, so please ask permission if you want to use them. I’ll probably say ‘yes’!

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  1. Fabulous. One day, before I’m incapable, I need to visit my home country and do a tour. There’s so much I’ve never seen. I love the film clips.

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