Cayton Bay – July 2021

Cayton Bay: this is probably one of my favourite beach walks. It’s very small at 1.5 miles from end to end but it’s beautiful and isolated. The weather was glorious with strong sunshine from early morning.

You’ll spot Scarborough Castle and Scarborough itself in some of the pictures but it could be a thousand miles away. Just be warned, it’s a very steep descent to get to the beach and a knackering ascent to get back up again!

You’ll find an easily accessible car park near the steps down to the beach. The steps themselves are a challenge as I’ve mentioned.

I just added the pictures of the remains of pill-boxes from the Second World War which are dotted along this coastline. They were meant to help defend the country if there was a Nazi invasion.

Many are now in ruins because coastal erosion has sent them plummeting from cliffs above down to the beach. Occasionally they survive on beaches in good order. They knew how to make stuff then!

These pictures and videos are @Aidan Parr 2021, so please ask permission if you want to use them. I’ll probably say ‘yes’!

One thought on “Cayton Bay – July 2021”

  1. Another gorgeous spot. I love the way these sands are so empty. Are they always so peaceful. I could almost believe this was in South Africa. So beautiful!

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