Ashbourne to Tissington on the Tissington Trail, Derbyshire – August 2022

It’s not the most exciting of walks but it is peaceful and rural. I started early, around 6.30am, to avoid the school holiday crowds.

The sun was strong from the east as I headed north, up the Tissington Trail to Tissington and a quick wander around Tissington village and Tissington Hall. Needless to say, I wasn’t invited in for tea…

It was much busier with people on the way back, around 10.30am, so if you don’t like crowds, start early.

The matriarch was on guard for ‘her’ herd, while the rest of the cows got on with eating:

It was a great day for clouds:

And sheep…

I love the bridges that cross the trail as it begins to rise up:

Dew on the grass. Despite the dry weather, there’s still plenty of moisture here as it’s shaded.

Eventually arriving at Tissington for a well-deserved sit down! There’s well-kept toilets and also an accessible toilet. The cafe opens at 10am.

Then a quick wander around Tissington village. Most of the shops don’t open until 10am and I arrived too early. Tissington Hall is impressive, dating from 1605.

Who can resist taking pictures of budleia?

Then is was back down south to Ashbourne. It wasn’t madly busy but there were enough people about to make it less enjoyable than the outward walk.

It’s about 8 to 8.5 miles. Recommended. I plan to walk the next section of the Tissington Trail from Tissington to Alsop, where the trail rises up into the Peak District properly. There’s less trees and the views are fantastic.

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